They just want you to dance after all ^^

(My version of Fnaf, after so many requests, because you’re so cool I had to reply and make something ^^)

I’m so bad at this game :x ! 

Il fait peur mais ça peut aller ^^ 

Oh my gosh.


Giant bunny cuddles | [X] - Hector Rabbit




I can’t even hear what this dude’s saying but look at how ineffectually angry this bird is.

I adore barn owls

Here is a man who loves his job, and an owl who just doesn’t appreciate him. Not one little bit.

Rest in Peace, Robin Williams.

Though dead you will be remembered, your laughter passed down through generations of movies and videos and live comedy recordings.

Through stories we will remark in idle conversations to friends, relatives both young and old ‘Do you remember when he’ and ‘My favourite moment of his’.

Though we mourn, we know you wouldn’t want us to grieve with a heavy heart, but joy knowing how much better you made the world with your positivity and the laughter that you gave us.

You will be missed, but never forgotten.

Thanks for all the smiles, Robin.

Have you ever played the game OFF ?

No but I’ve seen the fandom enough to know that it is a very creepy game. o w o;

Might I suggest a more, kind of, sting ray feel? I love the feel of sting rays; they're very smooth, but they're also pretty bumpy, too!!

That’s true….. :1c

I have a beautiful Sniper loadout.

I have a beautiful Sniper loadout.

Sharkskin isn't rubbery and soft. It's rough and kinda scratchy because of their dermal denticles!

I know that but in this case Shark Puppy’s skin is more rubbery, I supose if I were to be more accurate it might feel like a dolphin’s.

Which probably adds more to his identity crisis.

I want to draw cute things but I also want to draw scary monsters.


shark 1 and shark 2: [swimming]
dolphin: [speeds past and smacks shark 1 in face with tail fin] haha sorry!
shark 1: wow what the heck that was so mean
shark 2: yeah i know about that guy he's a total dick
shark 2: he probably did it on porpoise
shark 1:
shark 2:
shark 1:
shark 2: you get it beca-
shark 1: yes greg i get it. jesus christ
You've probably been asked this before but does Shark Puppy have fur or skin like a shark? :3

Actually I’m not sure it’s been asked, Shark Puppy has rubbery soft sharkskin.

My Friday Themesong.

A request from my mother of two of her friends’ wedding photo.

A request from my mother of two of her friends’ wedding photo.

Your dragon comic came across my dash and good god it's too cute!! I'm blubbering it's just so damned cute!!

I honestly didn’t imagine how many notes that comic could have gotten and I’m very happy it’s made such a positive reaction. <3